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What Shoes are Best for Fast Walking?
What Shoes are Best for Fast Walking?

What Shoes are Best for Fast Walking?

One of the first steps in walking or doing basic sports is choosing the right footwear.

One of the recommendations that professionals put forward to prevent overweight and obesity are having daily physical activity and avoiding unilaterally. Slowness and lack of exercise that has become the most commonplace in our lives today, can increase the risk of overweight and obesity. Hence, sports, and especially walking for the prevention of obesity have always been one of the recommendations of doctors and nutritionists.

One of the first steps in walking or doing basic exercises is choosing the right shoe, which can be walked with, either on trips to the mountains and the desert, or, if necessary, to walk on the treadmill Helped. Hence, we look at the general and general points about choosing a suitable shoe for light sports and walking.

Walking shoes; without legs or legs? 

Our suggestion is to use non-shoe wallet shoes because they are usually weighed less than leggings. If your walking or running path is fairly flat and without obstacles, walking shoes without legs will be the best option. In such a situation, the use of leggings can only reduce your speed and make the movement harder for you. In addition, walking shoes without legs have less movement to move. If you need to move faster, it will provide you with better conditions.

Another feature of this type of shoes is that it is more fitting to the summer weather conditions and does not annoy you. Non-shoe wallet shoes are really flexible, versatile and versatile, better than leggings, but less of ankle protection. Of course, this usually depends on the individual’s personal preference. Some people believe that the role of strengthening leggings for the ankle is more important than any other point. There is no doubt that if there is a lot of pressure on the ankle or ankle requires a lot of spins. Leggings best protect it.

Walking shoes or running shoes? 

Walking shoes and running shoes are very similar. But designed for two different purposes. The main difference between these shoes is in their substructure. The pattern of walking in humans is normal in the form that first hit the heel with the ground and at the end of the toe. So the heel gets the most hit. The important thing is that the walking shoes in the heel section have thicker layers and usually have an elasticity that strengthens the strength of the body in a standstill. In addition, it provides better flexibility in the hub, which will make it easier for the person to move forward.

In contrast, running shoes are flat. Their underarming is the same under all the shoes and, of course, the harder they are. Running on the hike is more intense, and the thick foot of the shoe will multiply the pressure and hit in the heel area. Run shoes are less weighty and have better footprints. Wearing walking shoes is not a good thing to do, but walking shoes can also be used. However, it should be noted that running shoes are generally less resistant to water.

Outer foot shoes 

Walking shoes can be different from the outside of the foot, and this depends on the purpose of the shoes. Most of the types of rubber compounds are used to produce the outer floor of the shoes, and some of these compounds are designed to be more compact and durable than other types.

The outer sides of the walking shoes are usually lightweight and slim and have a lot of flexibility. Of course, some footwear manufacturers use the same outer sheaths as leggings. These exterior outer floors increase the shrinkage and shoe stability. The well-known type of these exterior surfaces is of high quality, called Vibram. Vibram foam is a combination of rubber, silicon, and carbon, which are very similar to those used in the manufacture of automotive tires.

Hiking shoes; leather or non-leather?

Usually made of leather, suede or mesh for the production of walking shoes. Of course, in some cases, a combination of 2 general is also used. Suede or mesh boots provide a good atmosphere for air circulation and less weight than leather shoes. Fully leather shoes are usually heavier, while cloth types are in the lightest category. Leather walking shoes are more durable than leggings and are naturally waterproof.

The same effect makes leather shoes harder, but less likely to damage them. While footwear is a very lightweight cloth and has high flexibility, it can be easily damaged. In general, walking shoes can have waterproof features, depending on your design style and your chosen brand. Personal preferences and past experiences are two important factors in choosing new walking shoes.

Air circulation function 

Maintaining the legs while walking is one of the most important principles of this work because the penetration of any moisture inside the shoes can cause a deterioration of abrasion, which ultimately leads to the formation of blister and leg cramps. Therefore, before each hiking program, you should know that your route is dry or wet. So, if you are going to walk in a dry and smooth way, the use of ordinary shoes and low weight is enough. Of course, keep in mind that along with walking, the legs become warmer and therefore sweat. For this reason, shoes that have space for air circulation, prevent the accumulation of moisture from the sweat and keep the legs dry. In addition, always use socks that have the standard for air circulation.


The foot insoles, the bottom of the pedestal, are directly submerged. Usually, high-density EVA foam is used to make this part of the shoes, which will create a good foundation and fill the space between the ground and the floor of the foot. The shoe insoles may vary according to the type of shoe, and as a result, some of them create more substructure. This part of the shoe over time loses its initial looseness. Therefore, if the shoe insoles cannot perform the required protective role, they should be replaced.


The most commonly used part of the walking shoes is usually a shoe bed. The dress may be made of suede or other fabrics such as a mesh. Leather can naturally repel water, but it’s not suede or mesh. Of course, the initial cases used in the construction of the procedure can not definitely determine the waterproofness of the entire shoe.

Middle cumin 

The midsole of the shoes is placed between the outer floor of the shoes and the inside of the shoe. The mid-cum is designed to provide both a well-grounded fit and a kick-and-forth impact, and, of course, protect against sharp objects. This part of the footwear is also made of EVA or Phylon foam. The EVA foam is lightweight and comfortable, while Phylon is more compact in terms of ingredients and provides more comfort in long legs for legs.

Anatomy of walking shoes 

Walking shoes are produced in a variety of styles. But in general, there are several basic features that are considered in the production of their standard types. Of course, all walking shoes are not waterproof or do not have a proper duct for air circulation, and their raw material (especially in the shoe area) is different. Of course, these tips all affect the price of walking shoes.

Heel and Claw Bumpers 

Heel and bumpers are designed to protect the heels and claws against extremely tight barriers such as rocks and rocks. In addition, they protect the shoes against potential damage. It also increases the longevity of the shoes.

Shoe expiry date 

Although some people claim that footwear or sports shoes have a certain expiry date, it is better to know that the expiration date of all kinds of sports shoes depends on the type of time, the type and intensity of their use. In general, the expiration date of a shoe is when its inner lining is sleeping or any shape change is created in its overview.

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