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Effects of Mountaineering on Physical Fitness and Quality of Life

Effects of Mountaineering on Physical Fitness and Quality of Life

Tips and benefits Mountaineering

Mountaineering is one of the sports or recreational activities. For some, climbing is also the main occupation or the required part of the main job. Mountain climbing can take place on the march, mountain climbing, climbing, climbing or climbing.

The country has climbed mountain gardens with climactic talents. Nowadays, mountaineering is considered to be an official sport for young people, but climbing is always at risk of lurking.
In order for climbers and other different classes of people to go to these areas to use the clean air of the mountain to climb and succeed, it is necessary to observe the following safety recommendations:

1) Keep in mind that climbing is different from hiking and hiking, and it’s not merely a recreation, it’s a serious technical and sporty sport with fun.
2) Provide appropriate and standard equipment and equipment that is based on years of practical experience and learn the correct and technical application.

3) Never do this alone, and always go climbing in groups. There is no one who does not need to find help at the time of climbing.
4) Learn the basics of climbing and always work with the guidance and guidance of a coach or climber.
Different tools are needed to climb mountains effectively. Of course, each climb may use different tools and equipment, depending on the type of climb, the desired area, the time and season of the program.

Some of these items are climbing: 
* shoes for mountain
* jackets Gore-Tex
* Jackets Polar
* backpack
* baton climbing
* Gloves
* Hats Recommended
* wind
* socks thick
* Sleeping bag
* thermos of tea
* water bottle

* Personal items such as spoons and forks
* Flashlights
* Generally required guidance for climbing or conquering.

The benefits of mountaineering

have a lot of benefits that are now mentioned in some of the following:
1- The impact of climbing on the opening of the body
capillaries : Body capillaries are open and active during normal rest periods of 15% of their capacity, but during climbing The capillaries are activated 95% because oxygen and food needed by the body through the capillaries reaches the various points of the body, thus, with the opening and activation of capillaries, foodstuffs and oxygen, the quality of the muscle and the internal viscera is more beneficial. The body reaches

2. The effects of climbing on preventing diabetes mellitus:
When climbing, metabolism (metabolism), floating substances in the blood such as sugar, cholesterol, proteins and uric acid are best done, resulting in fuel The whole blood also prevents diabetes.

3. Effect of climbing on the loss of body fat:
During exercise and especially in climbing, the caloric requirement of the body increases by 3 times. The body burns and consumes stored fats to supply its calories. On the other hand, during exercise, the person is sweating heavily and some of the fats under the skin are washed and repelled by sweating…

4. Effect of climbing on increasing blood levels in the muscles:
When climbing, the amount of blood in the muscles of the body increases by 20 times, and the muscle’s excess of blood will make more muscle gain and make the muscles more powerful.

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  1. This is the most common thing people ignore. Glad someone wrote about it.

  2. Cool post, one more thing I should mention for the mountain, should not carry a heavy backpack. At first, its fun but after 3months will bring the issue to your knees.

    Thank you again for the good post.

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