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10 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2019
10 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2019

10 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2019

By approaching 2019, Digital Marketing’s digital prospectus, which includes search engine optimization, SEO, content marketing, and so on, will witness a huge upswing. Perhaps in the past years the use of artificial intelligence or visual search was unique to science fiction films, but now with the advancement of technology, many of these features are used.

Digital marketing triangles are generally based on the latest available technologies, because the work that you have been successful for last year may not work at all for this year!

  • AI artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will eventually surround the entire world. But what do we use in the digital marketing world? Artificial Intelligence AI, using information from social media social media and blogs, can analyze customer behavior and its search pattern. Facebook Messenger Bot, for example, helps you to optimize customer service.

Based on the analysis, customer support will be up to 25% by 2020 through chatboots. It’s interesting to know that by 2017 this number is only 2%.

Businesses that use artificial intelligence in 2019 will grow more and their costs will be lower.

  • Planned Advertising

Planned advertising means that you target a specific section of your audience using AI AI. Auctions and auctions are part of the planned propaganda. This is a highly optimized, yet fast, higher conversion rate conversion rate and less cost for customer acquisition costs.

Changes in digital marketing strategies will happen so fast. By 2020, nearly 90% of the banner ads in the United States will be scheduled, according to eMarketer.

  • Chatting with chatboots

Boot chats will remain one of the most important digital marketing segments in 2019. This technology, which is managed by artificial intelligence, chat every day with customers or visitors to your website.

Considering that 1.4 billion people are now interacting with chat rooms around the world, by 2020, about 80% of brands and businesses have used or are planning to use Chat Chat. By the year 2022, chat rooms will help businesses, especially those working in the banking and health sector, to save about $ 8 billion annually.

Many customers also prefer chatting with a person rather than talking to a person. Because chat rooms respond with full attention to details, they consider your previous conversations and never lose their patience.

Ober Uber also uses Chat Chat to communicate with his customers, making it easy for people to get their hands on their Facebook messenger. Passengers can use the menu to select the type of car, apply, see the location of the selected car, send approximate time to reach their friends, and also pay fares.

  • Personalization

If you want to shine in 2019, you need to personalize your business, which means personalizing content, products, emails, and more.

With regard to the history of purchasing people, the links they click on, as well as the history of customer behavior on the site, it’s easier to generate custom content than ever. In fact, 96% of brands say personalization will create better customer relationships.

Businesses such as Netflix Netflix and Amazon Amazon currently use personalization strategies in digital marketing. When you log in to Netflix, all banners, rotational ads, graphical work, text, and search results are displayed to your person!

  • Video Marketing Video Marketing

To understand the importance of video in digital marketing, pay attention to these numbers:

  • 70% of consumers say they share brand videos.
  • 72% of businesses say the video will improve conversion rates.
  • 52% of consumers believe that watching video products assures them that they can purchase the product online.

Just do not think about YouTube Youtube to produce video content. For the Engagement Rate Contribution rate, you can create video on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Live video streaming has also gained popularity, as it now broadcasts many businesses, interviews, product introductions and backstage scenes.

Due to the high cost of filming by special equipment and enhancement of the quality of smartphone cameras, businesses on various occasions will publish video on their page and engage the audience with video content.

  • Marketing Influencer

Marketing Influenza is a kind of oral-to-mouth communication that brings your message to the high-profile community through the use of people who are popular with your audience. Indeed, instead of directly advertising a particular consumer group, they will hear their message through the Influenzaers.

Marketing Influencer is a highly efficient way to attract customers, including Digital Marketing Trends. Influenzers range from Slergites to YouTube stars and Instagram, as well as bloggers and reporters. Experiences have shown that customers will be more confident when the Influenzaers experience their product or service.

  • Messenger apps

Do you think messenger apps are just for sending emoji ?! So take note of these numbers:

  • Monthly, 1.3 billion people work on facebook messengers.
  • A monthly 2 billion messages are exchanged between individuals and businesses in the Facebook messenger.
  • WhatsApp has 3 billion active users.
  • 55 billion messages are sent daily via WhatsApp.
Social Media - Meow.BZ

These statistics show that the use of messengers in the digital marketing world has grown significantly. Given that people spend a lot of time messing with each other, it is natural for businesses to take advantage of this potential. Messaging apps are the perfect platform for sending messages to the customer, because it can also personalize the message, and it also gives the customer a sense of value.

  • Visual Search

Image search brings the user experience to a whole new level. With video search, users can upload their photos and get more accurate results.

Pinterest Pinterest has also provided a new tool for video search through which you can take a picture of the product you want to take, then this app will show you which products you want to buy from online stores, as well as display similar products. Gives.

Recently, Google Lens has also provided a new feature for the Pixel mobile phone, where you can get information about it with camera photography. for example:

  • If you take a photo of a business card, the phone number and its address will be stored in the Contact Mobile section.
  • Take a photo of a book cover, you can read a summary and different opinions about it.
  • If you take a picture of a landscape or building, you will get plenty of information and details about that location.
  • If you take pictures of a painting in a museum, you will have full information about that effect.

camFind is also a mobile-friendly video search application. With this app you can take pictures of various things and get immediate information about it. In fact, instead of typing your own question about a specific object or specific environment with details, you directly take pictures of it and get information about price comparisons, existing stores, similar products, and more. For example, you can take photos of a movie poster, and CamFind will get movie information, trailers, as well as the timing.

  1. Voice Search & Smart Speakers Voice Search & Smart Speakers

Siri and Alexa are two known examples of voice search that many users use daily.

  • 50% of all searches will be made in 2020 by voice.
  • 20% of Mobile Queries mobile ads are on Google through Voice Search.
  • 25% of Bing searches are made by audio.

Voice Search is an essential tool for getting comprehensive and complete information. Especially considering that artificial intelligence has become much more intelligent than ever before, and the statistics of audio assistant errors have also dropped significantly.

Dominoes, for example, have been using voice search capabilities to boost their sales. In this way customers can order pizza directly through Alexa.

Smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home have grown enormously. Currently, 39 million people use smart speakers in the United States, and 65 percent of them do not want to go back when they were not using voice assistants!

  • Story on social networks

By increasing the use of stories in social networks, businesses should also strive for their marketing strategy. Initially Snapchat Snapchat introduced the concept of Story, followed by the Instagram Instagram and the Facebook Facebook also used the idea. YouTube has now also featured its own Reel format. Social media traffic is a powerful element for any business development strategic plan to help you achieve your goals!

Given the fact that the stories are erased after a while, there is a good chance for brands to use FOMO (Fear of Losing)! You can introduce your staff in the story, post photos from behind the scenes, ask questions about the products, and engage them in general with your work space.

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